"The Gentle Probe"


The graphic periodontal chart from our optional charting system makes it easier for patients to understand their periodontal condition.  Increased understanding of the need for treatment can lead to improved patient compliance.
  • Interfaces with most practice management systems charting software.
  • Graphically illustrates examination results, increasing patient understanding and acceptance of your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Patient sees the information.
  • Software also verbally speaks the pockets to reinforce the measurements.
  • All blame for the readings are focused on the equipment, not the dentist.
  • Now the dentist is the solution versus being part of the problem.
  • Low pain from "The Gentle Probe" makes it easier to do follow up measurements.


Dr. G.Z. Rockaway Beach, NY - "It has paid for itself 30 times over!"

1995 - 2011 Probe One