"The Gentle Probe"


Each quote listed below was from a letter received by our company.  If you would like to see the product, we can provide you with a complimentary video of the system in action.  We also travel the country and are available at most major dental trade shows.

  • Our general practice has an active soft tissue management program.  Over the years we have tried various methods of detecting perio pocket depth.  We found the automated probe to surpass them all.  We have found that it saves time due to the ease, efficiency and accuracy.  We are able to use the information to help educate the patient on their current periodontal status and future needs during the same visit.  Since using this tool we have had no hesitation on the part of the patient for refusal of perio treatment for over two years.  Dr. TL - NY

  • Four six years we have been quite impressed with the system.  With a staff of six Dentists and four Hygienists all of whom interchange patients, the system allows group standardization.  Regardless of the user, the periodontal measurements are the same.  We use the system as the recording tool for all periodontal treament including insurance submissions.  The cost saved by creating the record with only one unassisted Hygienist is tremendous.  The patients find their copy of the printed chart to be an educational aid to better understanding their oral health and accepting treatment.  Dr. DL - PA

  • The system was first installed in our office 3 1/2 years ago and since become a routine part of our dental examinations.  Since periodontal charting is mandatory in detnal records, we use it frequiently on six month recalls and explain the significance of the shaded graph readings where perodontal treatment is necessary.......  I appreciate the system most when scaling and root planing.  Not only are the readings quickly acquired, accurate and neatly graphed out on paper, but the mess attained in picking up a pen with soiled gloves is eliminated during the visit.  My appointments run faster, smoother and easier with the help of the is machine.  I'd urge anyone in the dental profession to integrate it into their office procedure.  Dr. PC - PA

  • I have been using the system in my practice for over 4 years.  It has become an important part of my initial examination.  Every new patient receives a complete periodontal probing using the system.  This gives us a computer printout that a patient can see and with a little help, almost instantly interprets.  No longer do I have to sit and explain to a patient where the problems are, they now look at the printout and tell me! ... The ability to print out periodontal charts when needed through Chart-It is also a big help in processing patient's dental insurance.  Insurance companies soften require full mouth probing in order to approve any periodontal treatment.  It is extremely helpful to be able to print out a copy of the patients depths when ever they are needed.  Interfacing the Probe One and Chart-It is a perfect marriage.  Dr. BR - NY

  • In more than 25 years of periodontal practice, I have never found a better or easier method of examining a patient than this.  I no longer have to worry that my dental assistant is one tooth behind me nor do I have to try to read a periodontal probe when the visibility is poor.  Dr. RB - NY

  • Our office has been using the system for five years.  The major benefits of the system are: a) the size and flexibility of the disposable tip allowing gentle insertion and more accurate readings and b) the ability to provide our patients with a copy of the printed report, creating in them motvation in our team effort of proper home care maintenance.  We appreciate being able to produce copies of the report for insurance purposes, legal documentation, and patient information.  Dr. DC - VA

  • We have been using Chart-It daily to record the findings of our dental examinations and periodontal chartings.  After several months we have become increasingly impressed with its ease of use and clinical value.  Together with the automated periodontal probe, has allowed us to record probing depths with consistency and accuracy not possible with the conventional probe.  We are hooked!  Dr. CB - VA

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